Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MCPE Realms Bugs

So after hosting a server for the past 2 days I will share with you the huge problems that exist at this cuurent time. Albeit its alpha but here are a list of bugs in Realms right now.

  • Shows 0/10 no matter the amount of people
  • No nametags - Everyone looks exactly the same.
  • I cant join the server from the account I created it from.
  • Randomly kicks players out when more than 10 players are on the server.
  • When the server crashes (which is often) I have to restart the server for anyone to join again.
  • I cant change game mode nor can I change the map.
  • Whenever I have to restart the server everyone loses their inventory.
  • if you leave the server and rejoin you keep your inventory but you lose the armor you were wearing.

Hopefully most of these problems get sorted soon. Right now Realms is alot of fun but it can be so much better.


  1. When will the realms come out

  2. Can you add me please. I always wanted to play realms. My name is fireflame988.