Wednesday, June 5, 2013

0.7.0 Bug List

The 0.7.0 update is here and guess what? Its full of bugs :P Here is a list of the more popular bugs currently plaguing this version. To submit bugs go to the official Mojang Bug tracker
  • Furnaces not working properly
  • No Flint and Steel in Creative
  • Some items displaying Code name instead of actual name
  • Chat log transferring between worlds
  • Fire animations are slightly buggy
  • Buckets do not pick up water or lava
  • Can't use bucket on split controls
  • Cannot remove armor in survival
  • Animations while eating are broken
  • Lefty Mode not working
  • Flaming Arrows do not set animals on fire or ignite TNT


  1. And also, fire texture on some devices are black and have no animation, it looks like a a flat block tnatsw not 3D

  2. Hey I dont have the fire bug the chat bug and bucket bugs the fire turn it to fancy graphics and animated water

  3. Actually there are no flint n steel on creative. It hasn't been added